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Trachselwald Castle

Future Place of encounter with History

Bern is selling the Trachselwald castle with an estimated worth of two million for a single Swiss franc - to a foundation!
Part 1 (film: 35 min)
Part 2 (film: 32 min)

Bern verkauft das Schloss Trachselwald mit einem geschätzten Wert von zwei Millionen für einen einzigen Schweizer Franken an eine Stiftung!
Teil 1 (Film: 35 min)
Teil 2 (Film: 32 min)

Study for conversion,
24 pages (PDF)

Hesston College Choir in the Courtyard, June 2014
(film: 2 min)

Hesston College Choir under the roof of the Prison Tower
(film: 4 min)

The Hesston College Choir visited the castle on its 2014 European Tour. The choir sang under their director Bradley Kauffman in different parts and rooms of this historic place from their current concert repertoire. This took place on May 31st, just before they headed for their next concert in Langnau, where they performed in the oldest, still existing Mennonite church on earth. Their site-seeing and musical activity at Trachselwald has to be understood within the context of the new effort to make the project known throughout the U.S. in as many Mennonite Churches and Amish communities as possible. Their contribution will be included on the Trachselwald DVD delivered next month in the U.S..

The Trachselwald Castle «The Cloud of Witnesses» calendar are now on a donation basis.

See the calendar (PDF)

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Update 4 (film: 3 min)

Pastor Joseph J Graber's visit at Trachselwald

Update 3 (film: 10 min)

Sobering-up and new hope

Update 2 (film: 4 min)

Importance of memory:
recalling the future

Update 1 (film: 3 min)

General information
unique opportunity

Paul Veraguth, Reformed State Church Pastor, Canton of Berne